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All About Christina

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Hi, my name is Christina. I am a single mom of two and I home-schooled both my son and daughter. I feel this gave me the opportunity, not only to educate them, but to spend quality time with them every day.  I absolutely loved that time, and am convinced that this is a big reason we have remained close throughout the years.  I also have three grandchildren, who make my heart smile every day!


I worked at Special Addition maternity and nursing boutique in Austin with my sister Rachel,  for 15 years.  The best part of my job there was seeing new moms and dads come into our store with their brand-new babies, knowing they were embarking on one of the best journeys of their lives.  Rachel actually got me the job.  It just seems right that we own our own business together!  My niece, Deborah, who is Rachel's daughter, is also part owner.  The three of us create an amazing team!  Deborah is a major player in the planning, designing, financial advising, website creating and overall functioning of RC's Playhouse! She goes above and beyond in helping Rachel and I give Bastrop the best indoor playground we can offer! Her daughter Kira has also been with us since the very beginning, as we shopped, planned, painted, and watched the constructing of the playground. I consider her the cutest mascot ever!


Opening a business like RC's Playhouse has been such a great opportunity for me to invest in the lives of the families in the community of Bastrop.  We meet wonderful people every day!  I am excited to be a part of providing a fun and safe place for parents to take their children, while interacting with them and enjoying their time together.

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