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All About RC's Playhouse

We are a family friendly indoor playground, located in Bastrop, TX.  We are on the southeast side of Bastrop four miles past Buc-ee's on Hwy 71, just a few miles northwest of Smithville.  We provide a safe place to have fun with lots of indoor activities where kids can learn valuable educational, physical, social and mental skills. This is a place where moms and dads and other family members can come, relax, spend time with their children, create a strong family and community bond in a comfortable environment, and leave the pressures and stresses of their daily lives elsewhere.  And what a great place for stay-at-home moms and/or homeschool moms to come when they need some time outside of the home! As for 9-5 working parents, come visit us on Sunday's from 1:30 - 5:30 PM! Our air-conditioned indoor playground is a great place to take your young child(ren) in the middle of a hot Texas summer!  Or a comfortably heated place on a cold or rainy day!  And it's right here in Bastrop!

RC's Playhouse Bastrop Indoor Playground

RC's Playhouse has a visually open indoor play area with seating to accommodate up to 35 people at a time.  The open area helps to ensure children's safety as parents can see their children almost anywhere within the building.  Parents can, and are encouraged to, climb, play, and interact with their children in the various activity areas. Alternatively, parents can monitor their children from a distance in the seating areas throughout the facility, enjoy a free cup of hot coffee or purchase a snack from the snack bar, while visiting with other moms, dads and care takers in our Bastrop community.

All play areas have soft indoor playground equipment with extensive padding and no sharp edges. There is netting on both playgrounds to ensure complete safety for everyone. 

RC’s Playhouse does not offer TV, nor video games of any kind, however, we do offer free Wi-Fi if needed.  We desire playtime to be as rewarding for the parents as it is for the children, all while spending quality time together. 

*NOTE: EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO WEAR SOCKS* If you do not have socks, we sell super cute pairs for just $2 each!

Come and check us out in Bastrop, Texas!


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