Welcome to RC's Playhouse!    

Here at RC's Playhouse, we encourage young minds to think outside the box and use their energy for something constructive, like building with magnets or climbing through tunnels! This indoor playground is packed full of so many indoor activities for children of all ages...and even some relaxing things for mom and/or dad, like a free cup of coffee on a comfy couch! So come stop by your local neighborhood Bastrop indoor playground and see what we can offer to make your day (and your child's day) even better! =^D

Welcome to RC’s Playhouse: Bastrop’s Very Own KidZone! We are Bastrop’s very own indoor playground specifically designed for children aged 12 and under! However, here at RC’s Playhouse we strive to have something for everyone, even if they are over the age of 12! For those children who are over 12, they can go through the playground if they assisting someone two or under. This means that mom and/or dad can hang out on the couch drinking coffee while the kids have something to do in the playground area! 
*NOTE: EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO WEAR SOCKS* If you do not have socks, we sell super cute pairs for just $2 each!

This indoor playground has been personally designed by all three of the owners (Deborah, Rachel and Christina) to make sure we have a little of everything: a netted tube crawl, three crazy fun wave slides, a sweet angled slide, one 24' giant window tunnel, one 15' high corkscrew slide, a v-netted bridge, a zipline, horizontal squeezes, obstacles all over, and SO MUCH MORE! We have so many indoor activities for children!! There is even a few areas under the playground with bean bags where the children can go and hideout and play!
We have couches for those who wish to sit down, relax and interact with each other, while the younger children are playing. For children ages four and under we have a special smaller playground with a cushioned climb, a giant bubble, several fun simple obstacles, multiple activity panels and a double slide. Not to forget the littlest of our children: we have a crawlers section for children aged one and under to play in safely and get in some crawling fun in a fully soft environment! We also have a puzzle and game area with table and chairs, educational board games, puzzles and magnets! Something for everyone! Plus a small snack section with chips, cookies, soda, cold coffee, and free hot coffee!

So please, come in, meet us, and be a part of our community, just as we would like to be a part of yours! 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a safe place for children to have fun while they learn valuable educational, physical, social and mental skills. We will also provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for mothers and fathers (and all other family members) to come and spend time outside the home with friends and family!

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